Hi 👋, I'm Vincent Déniel. I'm a developer and also an entrepreneur on my free time. I draw cartoons about software development.
These are the topics I like to write about:

Add a field to gatsby-theme-blog

April 18, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

I've converted my blog to gatsby-theme-blog recently. It gives me an opportunity to play with themes and understand them better. Most…

Adding nofollow noopener noreferrer to external links when you use gatsby-plugin-mdx

February 23, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

In this article I talked about gatsby-remark-external-links . It turns out that it doesn't work well with gatsby-plugin-mdx as I've had…

Best SEO plugins for Gatsby

February 01, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

You have just created your Gatsby website and you want to tweak things a bit so that it ranks better on Google. Gatsby being a static site…

Access Search Console in Google Analytics with Gatsby

June 28, 2019 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

Associating your Analytics property to your Search Console has multiple advantages. To quote Google : If you associate a Google Analytics…

Add a Gatsby site to the Google Search Console with Google Analytics

June 28, 2019 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

There are several methods to add a website to the Google Search Console and claim its ownership. If you are using GatsbyJS for your static…