Access Search Console in Google Analytics with Gatsby

June 28th, 2019

Associating your Analytics property to your Search Console has multiple advantages. To quote Google:

If you associate a Google Analytics property with a site in your Search Console account, you’ll be able to see Search Console data in your Google Analytics reports. You’ll also be able to access Google Analytics reports directly from the Links to your site and Sitelinks pages in Search Console. Note that you can only associate a website; you cannot associate an app.

It will surely help if you want additional information that will help your SEO strategy.

First, you should have your site already added to Google Analytics. This can be done in Gatsby using gatsby-plugin-google-analytics and following this tutorial.

Once it's done, just follow my other tutorial about adding a Gatsby site to Google Search Console with Google Analytics.

After that go this page and select a Google Search Console property. Then select the Analytics site that should be linked to it and that's it!

Edit: I recently did add another website to the search console and it asked for an additional domain or URL validation. This step is pretty straightforward.

You might now see Search Console data in your Google Analytics reports. Enjoy!