Hello! 👋

I’m Vincent Déniel, a full-stack web developer who has been programming for 15 years.

Here is what I do:

➡ CTO and software developer for Bulldog, a company I co-founded ➡ Training and education in science and technology ➡ Comics about programming and technology

You are in luck, I’m currently looking for new opportunities!

Looking for new freelance opportunities!

I’m looking for a new full-stack web development or CTO mission. Why should you hire me?

➡ I have plenty of experience in the software industry and have been part of startups building and selling successful products ➡ I have been a tech lead in an international company ➡ I have a good product culture (read “Running Lean” and “The Mom Test”) which is a great fit for your team ➡ I have a web3 experience

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How I work

Technologies and tools

Here is the stack I'm most confortable with:

➡ Typescript ➡ React ➡ Node.js (ts-node) ➡ PostgreSQL & MongoDB ➡ Hardhat & Ethers.js for web3 ➡ Python


I usually work following the principles of:

➡ Functional Programming ➡ DDD (Domain Driven Design) ➡ Agile Methodologies ➡ TDD (Test Driven Development) ➡ Lean

A few things I worked on

Bulldog Engagement Platform

A SaaS platform for brands who want to engage their community

The Bulldog SaaS platform is a product that helps our customers (some are CAC40 companies) reward the most active and engaging users in their community.

Main challenges:

  • Scalability (lots of incoming events from users)
  • Creation of the domain rules of a custom reward model
  • Onboarding and training of interns

Bulldog NFT Platform

A SaaS platform that helps brands create their NFT collection

This product was a platform that helped our customers create and deploy their NFT collection and create a page to sell the collection.

Main challenges:

  • Deploying a set of customizable smart contracts
  • Handling every success and error on blockchain transactions

myElefant Messaging Platform

A SaaS platform for sending rich marketing SMS

As a full-stack developer, I took part in the creation and maintenance of the myElefant marketing SMS platform.

Main challenges:

  • Scalability (millions of SMS sent weekly)
  • Avoiding bugs and regressions with automated testing (TDD)

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