Hi 👋, I'm Vincent Déniel. I'm a developer and also an entrepreneur on my free time. I draw cartoons about software development.
These are the topics I like to write about:

Problems I have with no-code tools

April 25, 2020 #Stack

On paper I'm a huge fan of any tool that helps me be more productive. Why bother spending time, scratching your head on a text editor when…

First impression on Darklang

March 04, 2020 #Stack

A few months ago I read about Darklang. Hovering a bunch of Medium articles, I ended up signing up for the beta. Last evening, I received an…

First steps with Rome: a dependency-free Javascript toolchain by Facebook

March 02, 2020 #Stack, #Javascript

A few days ago, I saw from multiple sources (including ycombinator and Reddit ) that a team from Facebook was working on a experimental…

Why you should be using a static site generator for your Business in 2020

March 01, 2020 #Stack

Gatsby , Hugo , Jekyll , there are plenty of static sites generator out there . In 2020 it seems like lots of them are still being…