py co commit

November 10, 2018

Inspired by npx-co-commit, I made py co commit for people who want to share the credit of a commit with their team and have it displayed on Github.

If you have a pure Python project, you might not want to have a full NodeJS install on your machine. You can just install this package in your project virtualenv and voilà.

Hi, I'm Vincent Déniel,

developer and 🛠 maker.

I made Astenote, Ma Raclette and Événements Running. I also play guitar, do some running and draw comics!

What I'm working on 🛠:

📝 Astenote

Personal Knowledge Base meets Kanban

Take notes as cards you order hierarchically. Cards can also contain cards infinitly!

You can find me on:

twitter where I talk about programming and technology
github where I post and discuss code
Indie Hackers
indieHackers where I post about my products and interact with the makers community