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Add a GraphQL schema for your Gatsby project in Webstorm (JetBrains IDE)

February 16, 2020#GatsbyJS, #Productivity

The JS GraphQL plugin for JetBrains IDEs like Webstorm is very helpful when you are writing your GraphQL queries. But I encountered a problem when trying to discover the endpoints, introspecting the plugin itself:

SchemaProblem{errors=[The object type 'MdxBlogPost' [@-1:-1] field
'excerpt' does not have the same number of arguments as specified via
interface 'BlogPost' [@-1:-1]]}

I don’t know where the error comes from (I’d say the plugin itself) but here is a workaround to make it work!

  1. Install the graphql-cli using npm or yarn: npm install -g graphql-cli or yarn global add graphql-cli
  2. graphql init to create your .graphqlconfig file
  3. graphql get-schema to discover the schema using the cli tool instead of the plugin one.

Now the plugin should be able to help you write your queries properly. I hope it saves you some time!

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