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Add a field to gatsby-theme-blog

April 18, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

I've converted my blog to gatsby-theme-blog recently. It gives me an opportunity to play with themes and understand them better. Most…

Adding nofollow noopener noreferrer to external links when you use gatsby-plugin-mdx

February 23, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

In this article I talked about gatsby-remark-external-links . It turns out that it doesn't work well with gatsby-plugin-mdx as I've had…

Add a GraphQL schema for your Gatsby project in Webstorm (JetBrains IDE)

February 16, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #Productivity

The JS GraphQL plugin for JetBrains IDEs like Webstorm is very helpful when you are writing your GraphQL queries. But I encountered a…

How to add tags to gatsby-theme-blog?

February 16, 2020 #GatsbyJS

I recently wrote an article about how to refactor from starter to theme . Now we want tags on our site but the article from the Gatsby…

How to start using a Gatsby theme when you are already using gatsby-blog-starter?

February 10, 2020 #GatsbyJS

Lots of developers use gatsby-starter-blog , the most popular blog starter, as a boilerplate for their blogs. Since then, Gatsby themes…

Best SEO plugins for Gatsby

February 01, 2020 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

You have just created your Gatsby website and you want to tweak things a bit so that it ranks better on Google. Gatsby being a static site…

How I created a comics blog in 2 hours with Gatsby

January 24, 2020 #GatsbyJS

I've had a comics blog in the past and kinda lost the motivation to draw frequently. Now I'm back at it, with simpler and quicker drawings…

Access Search Console in Google Analytics with Gatsby

June 28, 2019 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

Associating your Analytics property to your Search Console has multiple advantages. To quote Google : If you associate a Google Analytics…

Add a Gatsby site to the Google Search Console with Google Analytics

June 28, 2019 #GatsbyJS, #SEO

There are several methods to add a website to the Google Search Console and claim its ownership. If you are using GatsbyJS for your static…